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Quotes to read throughout my life.

“It’s like the song of a family where everything’s always all right, it’s a song of belonging that makes you belong just by hearing it, it’s a song that’ll always take care of you and never leave you. If you have a heart, it breaks, if you have a heart that’s broken, it fixes.” -Patrick Ness, “The Knife Of Never Letting Go”
 “Maybe there’s happiness at the end and warm places with people who love us and plenty of food and no one dies and no one dies and no one never never dies.” -Patrick Ness, “The Knife Of Never Letting Go”
 ”From a long way away I can hear her voice saying my name. But it’s so far away. And I’m alone. Here and always, alone.” -Patrick Ness, “The Knife Of Never Letting Go”


i hate the fact that i am always the person who likes others more, like if someone just leaves me, it really fucking destroys me, and i dont really know what to do. i feel confused about everything for weeks, years even, and i dont really know what i have done to make everyone leave me. i dont understand how other people can just be totally okay. its like no matter what, i am always the one that hurts the most, and that really fucking sucks.

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Opposites can’t exist without each other.

The only thing that can be characterized as normality is insanity.

Tired. Lots of tired.

"Adult", I am. I don’t know if I’m an adult yet, but according to my age, I am. And it’s weird. People always said "you’ll miss the days as a kid", and they were right. If I could get those days back, simple days in school. Fun in AP chem, goofing off in Latin class, talking with people that I rarely talk to, if not at all. I guess part of adulthood is to try to solve things on your own, which I’ve been doing fairly decently.  the only thing is, my heart always blows things to hell. I mean, to be honest, this is probably my best crush ever. The reason being, when I hang out with her, I get this surging happiness that the only ever team I felt something like it was on vacation with my (now) best friends back in ‘11. (God, that as a while.) No one has ever made me feel that happy. I didn’t even notice her like that until we hung out like that. And now…I just think it’s funny, that the most suprising people can make you feel so great. Well, so much for my hipster post. I don’t know why I don’t tumble as much. If I had the time, I’d be addicted to this ish. Anyways. Laters, self. Try to be chill.


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